Our Turkeys

We specialise in producing quality turkeys solely for the Christmas market using various traditional methods.
Why choose our turkeys –

  1. We only rear slow growing strains that are grown to full maturity, 24 weeks+.  This maturity is very important as it produces a superior product which has a mouth watering flavour and most succulent texture when cooked.
  2. The turkeys are fed a quality cereal based diet and have the freedom to roam every day on grass and in open woodland.  They are housed at night in straw bedded barns.
  3. When the birds reach maturity, in December, they are slaughtered and hand plucked on the farm by ourselves and a small local team of staff.  This involves the minimum stress to the birds.
  4. The turkeys are then game hung in our temperature controlled chillers for a minimum of 7 days prior to evisceration to enhance all the natural gamey flavours.
  5. Our turkeys are beautifully presented in an attractive carry out box that includes a fresh sprig of rosemary, cooking instructions and a pop-rite cooking timer so you can cook your turkey to perfection – without any stress.
  6. As we are members of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (TFTA) our farm is independently inspected each year to verify that our turkeys are raised to the highest welfare standards.

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Mick and Charlotte Binder,
Rumburgh Farm,
IP19 0RU

Telephone: 01986 781351
Mobile: 07788 648 187
E-Mail: info@rumburghfarm.co.uk

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